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Shelby Park History

Shelby Park is a neighborhood two miles southeast of downtown Louisville.  The small neighborhood is sandwiched between Germantown and Old Louisville.  The neighborhood is named after Kentucky’s first governor, Isaac Shelby. Shelby Park has always been considered a working-class neighborhood. It was first populated by German immigrants in the early 1900s.  Today, Shelby Park is a blend of ethnic and economic diversity. People from all walks of life co-exist in a vibrant, art-filled community.

The Shelby Park neighborhood is known for its 17-acre park by the same name. Shelby Park was designed by the Olmsted Firm in 1907 and is the only Olmsted park in Louisville with a Carnegie library designed by Arthur Loomis.

Most of the residential homes in Shelby Park were constructed around 1900 to 1910 and are shotgun-style cottages and camelbacks.  Shelby Park is home to Logan Street Market, Louisville’s first and only year-round indoor market with food vendors, artisans, coffee bar, brewery and Farmer’s Market located at Logan and Oak Streets in Shelby Park that opened its doors in October, 2019

Shelby Park is bounded by the CSX rail tracks, Kentucky Street, and I-65 and borders Germantown, Smoketown and Old Louisville. 

FairSquare House Buyers – What do we think of Shelby Park?

FairSquare House Buyers loves the exciting changes happening in the Shelby Park Neighborhood!  Shelby Park has a rich history that is being revitalized through new businesses, new construction and renovations.  The neighborhood is close to downtown as well as the popular Germantown neighborhood and historic Old Louisville.  We currently own several rental properties in the area.  We are seeing home ownership increasing and young professionals moving into the area.  We see this as one of the best growth areas in Louisville.

Shelby Park Neighborhood Statistics

Median Home Value: $84,326

Median Rent: $537

Median Household Income: $26,265

Population: 2845

Rent vs. Own:

Understanding rent vs. own population for Germantown

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Top Public Schools Serving Shelby Park

For additional statistics on the Shelby Park neighborhood, please review the Shelby Park Neighborhood Profile created by the Kentucky Data Center in partnership with the University of Louisville and Metro United Way.

Shelby Park Louisville, KY Land Use

*Data Sourced from: Kentucky State Data Center