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Germantown History

Germantown is one of Louisville’s oldest neighborhoods, located three miles southeast of downtown.  It received its name in the 1800s after a surge of German immigrants settled in that area.  It contains the largest collection of shotgun houses in the city, most of which were built in the 1890’s.  Germantown has gone through a major transformation over the past decade.  People are investing in house renovations and there has been an influx of new bars and restaurants, attracting recent graduates, young professionals and families to move the neighborhood.  Located only a few miles from downtown and the Highlands, Germantown is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Louisville today.  

FairSquare House Buyers – What do we think of Germantown?

FairSquare House Buyers loves the Germantown neighborhood!  The area has seen tremendous growth over the past decade.  We own rentals in Germantown and have worked with many sellers looking to sell properties in this area.  We like the influx of young professionals, families and new businesses that have helped make this neighborhood thrive.  The neighborhood as easy access to downtown and a wonderful selection of top rated public schools.

Real Estate Statistics for Germantown*

Median Home Value: $132,306

Median Rent: $854

Median Household Income: $49,835

Population: 3817

Rent vs. Own:

Rent Vs. Own Population % Germantown Louisville, KY

Top Public Schools Serving Germantown*

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For additional statistics on the Germantown neighborhood, please review the Germantown Neighborhood Profile created by the Kentucky Data Center in partnership with the University of Louisville and Metro United Way.

Land Use Germantown Neighborhood Louisville, KY

*Data Sourced from: Kentucky State Data Center