The Rowan Ave. Apartment building renovation in the heart of the Portland neighborhood in Louisville, KY.

This apartment building sits in the heart of the Portland Ave. neighborhood of Louisville. Once completed, it will provide 5 apartments for families in Portland. We bought this apartment building from a seller who need to sell fast and we were able to arrive at a fair offer to create a win-win for everyone involved.

Rowan Ave Apartment Building Renovation in the Portland Neighborhood of Louisville, KY.
Video Transcription

We’re sitting down here on Rowan. We’ve got a nice, big, 5,000 square foot building here, and we are framing out a new unit. It’s going to be brand new, nice flooring, nice vinyl flooring, gray flooring. This is going to be a master bedroom. These are some of the cabinets we’re putting in the kitchen. This is another bedroom. This is going to be a second bedroom over here. As you can see, we’re framing up the wall, but this is going to be a second bedroom over here with a closet. You have two windows, two nice big windows in here. There’s the closet.

Come over here; this is going to be a small galley kitchen. We’re going to have cabinets towards the back over there. That’s going to be a wall of uppers and lower cabinets. You got some space over here for kind of like a den area. And back there, we’ve got a bathroom that we’re going to completely rehab; make it super nice. We’re working on some plumbing today, kind of give you an idea of what things are looking like. This building’s probably going to be a five-plex, maybe a six-plex apartment building. We have a lot of options here, so stay tuned on this one.

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