Portland Ave. Renovation in The Portland Neighborhood of Louisville

This is our newest renovation in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, KY. This house was purchased from a seller who had come on hard times and needed to sell his house fast. He was referred to us and we made the selling process super simple. We buy houses in Portland and are always looking to help sellers get a fair offer.

Portland Ave Renovation 10162020
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: This is a house on Portland Avenue. We’re rehabbing here. You can see, we just put down some new vinyl flooring. We’ve got one bedroom here. Got a long hallway, got a second bedroom in here. We’ve got a window and closet so everything will pass for Section 8 if we decide go that way. We’ve got a den here. Decent size area for a couch and a table and everything. We’ve got another bedroom in here with a closet and a window over there. We’ve got a nice three bedroom house on Portland Avenue. We’re setting up for the kitchen in here. We just put in these cabinets. Come back here, we got a laundry room so this is a big house. We’re going to be putting tile around the bathtub. Tile around the bath tub, we’re going to put tile on the floor. We’re going to put a new vanity in over here with a granite countertop. Everything will be good to go. It should be done next week so stay tuned.

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