4 Red Flags in Louisville Real Estate Deals That Should Make You Run The Other Way

Have you ever found your investment property, tied up time and money, only to find out there was an issue located during the inspection and the deal fell through? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what to look for when you are in the market to buy a home to avoid buying a problematic property? We will cover 4 red flags in Louisville real estate deals that should make you run the other way.


Quite literally, “for sale” signs are potential red flags in Louisville.  Take a look around the neighborhood for a high number of homes for sale. This could be a sign that there is an issue with the location of the property. It may be worthwhile for you to further investigate the area’s crime statistics. You may also want to look into upcoming projects with high tax assessments, or changes in the works that could affect your wallet or the standard of living for the area. As you likely know, when it comes to location, there is nothing more important to the value of the property.


Real estate placement in the landscape is very important.  A property with land sweeping downwards towards the home is a red flag in Louisville real estate deals.  Flooding issues can be a huge and expensive problem.  Properties can also begin to sink. You will want to note any areas where the soil is washing away around the foundation, known as scouring. You will also want to note any signs of the foundation cracking or being in a state of disrepair. Be sure to note if any doors have been shaved down in order to close properly.  Or if there are windows or doors without square frames, this could be another issue with the foundation settling.

New Paint

New paint on only one wall or one area of the ceiling is a red flag in Louisville real estate deals. Mildew, water damage, or some unknown source of stain could be to blame if the entire home isn’t repainted. If you smell mold, look for leaks under sinks and other water outlets as well as around any openings to the exterior. Often, people will attempt to hide an issue from unsuspecting buyers.  However, to the trained eye, a new coat of paint is more like a neon sign that there is likely a problem. A new coat of paint can cover over the highly offensive odor that cigarette smoke residue leaves behind, but without further steps to completely clean the interior, the smell will return and overtake the residence. 

Candles Burning 

You should also plan to put your nose on high alert for odors the seller may be trying to cover, which are big red flags in Louisville real estate deals. Are there scented candles, wax melters, and air fresheners at every turn? Mold can be hidden in flooring, behind walls and in the ceilings. It is extremely costly, not only in safe remediation processes, but in the very health of the residents. If you are not highly experienced in this area and all of the potential hazards mold presents, it is recommended that you work with reliable professionals.

FairSquare House Buyers is very familiar with all of these and many more extremely telling red flags in Louisville real estate deals. Let FairSquare House Buyers make the process easy and help you avoid any problems when buying property. Send us a message or call 502-417-7467 today!

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