Cost of Probate in Kentucky

Information updated as of 10-29-2020

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How much does Probate cost in Kentucky?

How much does Probate cost in Kentucky?

Probate does not have to be expensive, especially for estates that have no disputes and little to no assets to sell.  The cost of probate will depend on the value of the estate, the structuring of the estate and the level of complication for the handling of the estate’s assets.  This article will breakdown the basic costs:

Basic fees charged by the Jefferson County Clerk is as follows (if you do not live in Jefferson County, you can look up your counties fees directly from your County Clerks website):

Probate Will and Appoint Fiduciary – $225

Probate Will and/or Petition to Dispense – $75.50

Additional fees you may incur:

  • Probate Attorneys (hourly fee or percentage of the estate)
  • Estate Executor Fees
  • Accounting Fees
  • Appraisal costs

The probate process can be confusing and intimidating, especially during an emotional time.  The owners and employees of FairSquare House Buyers are here to assist you during this difficult time to help make this process easy.  We work closely with a team of attorneys that specialize in probate and are happy to connect you.  Please call us today or send us a message should you need help selling your probate property in Louisville!

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